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Ethical Hacking
Learn The Basics of Cybersecurity

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Python Masterclass
Learn The Ways of Becoming a Skillful Programmer

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Web Development
Learn The Basics of Building Websites

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Education is one of the greatest engines of change, in this ever-changing world. The steering wheel of change in this world is technology and its advancement.

As such, we at Creation Unite Academy seek to raise up a generation of youth, united in the spearheading of technological advancements, to be ahead of their age, leading them to a glorious success.

Why Choose Us?

Very Qualified and Passionate Instructors

We believe passion is contagious. As such, we have highly passionate instructors, ready to impact knowledge willingly and patiently.

Tailored to Age & Ability

We have courses that favour all ages and user abilities. These of course, advance as the child’s capacity increases. This is to ensure optimal assimilation.

Effective and Practical Progress Assessment

We assess students mainly based on practical analysis. This is to ensure that, students get to practice, whatever they have been taught. Children are more likely to remember practical matters, as compared to the theoretical

Fun & Interactive Classes

One thing children cannot stand is a boring class. As such, we ensure our classes are not only fun, but also, interactive. This ensures maximum concentration and participation, to produce the best of results.

Meet The C.E.O


Nana Bekoe Koranteng

We at creation unite believe that a guided path is a Parthenon unto success

I'm a Co-Founder!!!

Joachim Asare

Perfection, as far reaching as it may appear must be our goal. There are a myriad of knowledge that must be constantly tapped to solve problems more effectively and hence, approach perfection.

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Send a message to info@creationunite.com and we will reply you within the shortest possible time.

Suggestions and enquiries are all welcome.

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Creation Unite Academy is a school which seeks to effect this permanent change in helping the youth work together and be creative to become producers not consumers. The vision is to draw the youth together with the aim of impacting and positively changing the world.

- Nana Bekoe Koranteng


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